Collective publications in public economy

Collective publications in public economy:


New Perspectives in the Co-Production of Public Policies, Public Services and Common Goods / edited by Philippe BANCE, Marie J. BOUCHARD & Dorothea GREILING


Accountability, Anti-Corruption, and Transparency Policies in Public-Owned Enterprises (POEs) – PART I / edited by Andrea ZATTI

Knowledge Creation: New Frontiers for Public Investment / edited by Massimo Florio, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 2021, 92, 3

The New Age of Commons: Innovation or Necessity? / edited by Philippe Bance & Jérôme Schoenmaeckers, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 2021, 92, 1


The Routledge Handbook of State-Owned Enterprises / edited by Luc Bernier, Massimo Florio, Philippe Bance, ed. ROUTLEDGE, 2020


Special Issue:The Performance and Potential of Public Private Partnerships edited by Donal PALCIC, Eoin REEVES and Matti SIEMIATYCKI, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 2019, 90, 2


Providing public goods and commons. Towards coproduction and new forms of governance for a revival of public action / edited by CIRIEC, Philippe Bance, CIRIEC Studies Series 1

The Continuing Importance of State Owned Enterprise in the Twenty First Century: Challenges for Public Policy / edited by Luc BERNIER & Eoin REEVES,  Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 2018, 89, 3

An Enduring Platform for Public and Cooperative Economics Research / edited by Marco MARINI & Bernard THIRY, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 2018, 89, 1

Public Enterprises Today : Missions, Performance, Governance – Learning from Fifteen Cases / Les entreprises publiques aujourd’hui : missions, performance, gouvernance ­– Leçons de quinze études de cas, Peter Lang, CIRIEC, Luc Bernier

Serving the General Interest with Public Enterprises New Forms of Governance and Trends in Ownership / edited by Philippe Bance, Fabienne Fecher, Gabriel Obermann, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 2015, 86, 4

Research on Local Public Services / edited by Gabriel Obermann and Giuseppe Bognetti,  Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 2012, 83, 4

Crise contemporaine et renouveau de l’action publique – Vers l’émergence d’un nouveau mode de régulation ? / Contemporary crisis and renewal of public action – Towards the emergence of a new form of regulation?, Peter Lang , CIRIEC, Philippe Bance et Luc Bernier

The inter-relationship between the structural funds and the provision of services of general (economic) interest and the potential for cross-border service delivery, CIRIEC, DEAS, CSIL, PPMI (for the European Parliament)

Gouvernance et intérêt général dans les services sociaux et de santé, Peter Lang , CIRIEC (sous la dir. de Bernard Enjolras)

Study on Social and Health Services of General Interest in the European Union (See ‘Related Documents’)

Provision of public services: international experiences and issues, edited by G. Obermann
Special issue of Annals of Public and Cooperatives Economics, vol.78, n°3, September 2007, Blackwell-Publishing

Services of General Interest in the Internal Market , G. Obermann, D. Hall, B. Sak (for the European Parliament – DG Internal Policies of the Union)

Contribution of Services of General Interest to Economic Social and Territorial Cohesion , CIRIEC (for the European Commission – DG  regio ) (Final Overall Report)

The question of competitive tendering for public services in the European Union , edited by H. Cox
Special issue of Annals of Public and Cooperatives Economics, vol.74, n°1, March 2003, Blackwell-Publishing

Plural Economy and socio-economic regulation / Economie plurielle et régulation socio-économique
CIRIEC (Enjolras B. & von Bergmann-Winberg M.-L., Eds)

Les services sociaux entre associations, Etat et marché. L’aide aux personnes âgées, Laville J.-L. & Nyssens M. (sous la direction de) (Editions La Découverte, Paris, Collection Recherches , isbn 2-7071-3579-8)

Services of General Economic Interest in Europe: Regulation, Financing, Evaluation, Good Practices, CIRIEC-CEEP (with the support of the European Commission – DG Employment and Social Affairs) ( Executive summary )(aslo available in DE and FR)