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New Expert Group on Social Economy and Social Enterprises

CIRIEC takes part in the European high-level debate within the ‘Expert Group on Social Economy and Social Enterprises’. This new group follows the “Commission’s Expert Group on Social Entrepreneurship” (GECES) set up as part of the actions of the Social Business Initiative launched by the Commission in 2011 and having published the report “Social enterprises and the social economy going forward” in 2016.

The objective of the new expert group on the Social Economy and Social Enterprises will be to discuss and agree on the development and strengthening of activities related to the implementation of five pillars: access to finance, access to markets, better framework conditions, new technologies and social innovation, as well as the development of an international dimension.

CIRIEC will be represented in this group by Rafael CHAVES, doctor of economics, professor at the University of Valencia (Spain), editor-in-chief of the journal ‘CIRIEC-España, revista de economía pública, social y cooperativa’, former President of CIRIEC’s International Scientific Commission “Social and Cooperative Economy”.

The group shall assist the Commissission in the following tasks:
1. Examine the progress of measures envisaged in the Commission’s Communication “Europe’s next leaders: the Start-up and Scale-up Initiative”.
2. Provide the Commission with advice in view of elaborating and implementing policy measures in order to strenghten social economy and social enterprises ecoystem in Member States and in the international arena.
3. Raise awareness at the national level of EU level actions and exchange of practice from other Member States.

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