Documentation center

Documentation Center presentation (Power Point) HERE

CIRIEC Documentation Center provides a wealth of multilingual information (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian), in the fields of public, social and cooperative economy. As a specialized documentation center, the information gathered comes both from the scientific literature and gray literature. It is available in various formats: books, journals, articles, documentary files ….

Documentary files are based on current research, user demands and current events. In Social Economy we can found records about volunteering, microcredit, training in social economy, financing, housing issues, community development; in public economics, files on water, energy, postal, telecommunications, inter-municipal, state aid ….

Most of the documents are included in the catalog of the University of Liège:

The documentation center is open to all, members of CIRIEC but also researchers, teachers, students (…); librarians are at the service of its users by offering individual assistance in documentary research. For further information:

Today, the Documentation Centre is:

  • 10000 references (paper documents)
  • 30 scientific journals (paper)
  • 50 newsletters (paper)
  • 200 e-newsletters
  • many indexed alerts from scientific journals


  • Individual assistance in literature search
  • Hosting of foreign PhD students
  • Catalog of paper resources:
  • Free loan
  • Loan for a month (except journals)
  • photocopies on site

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 9h-12h / 13h-16h30

The Documentation Centre is based in the office of the secretariat of CIRIEC International:
c/o HEC – Université de Liège
Rue Saint-Gilles 199, Bât. N3a
BE – 4000 Liège

Tel: 0032(0)4-366-27-58