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Initiated in previous years and started operations in 1966-1967, the Interdisciplinary Centre for Research and Information on Collective Enterprises gather collective members (public enterprises, cooperatives, mutual societies, associations, labor funds, trade unions, university-based research centers, training institutes) and individual members (researchers, teachers, students and practitioners). The main aim of our scientific association is to build a plural economy based on an enlightened and critical support on collective Economy development (both social and public) as well as the promotion of the general interest on socio-economic development.

For 50 years, CIRIEC-Canada has been therefore working in the area of outreach, on dissemination and transfer, bringing together academics and practitioners from the Public and Social Economy. It has also been initiating and guiding activities aimed at the support and development of a vision that complies with the objectives of the general interest.


Through its research, training, information and dissemination activities, CIRIEC-Canada contributes to the recognition of the collective enterprise and its features as a development and organization model promoting collective interests and serving the general interest. It is a forum for reflexion, analysis, research and transfer on Public and Social Economy enterprises based on a partnership approach with its members (persons, organizations, networks). It also contributes to the up-scale of collective enterprises’ practices on the path towards sustainable development. It acts as an organization pooling the transfer of knowledge in the co-construction of learning and knowledge related to the collective enterprise – in an original approach of partnership between its members and its researchers and practitioners groups. In addition, it takes part in international bodies of reflexion and research on collective enterprises – raising awareness, interest and participation among teachers, young researchers on the collective enterprise as a model of sustainable development.

Scientific Review:
 Économie et Solidarités


CIRIEC-Canada offers two watch reports, one on the social economy and one on public enterprises:

  • ECO-SOC INFO – Bulletin de veille sur la recherche en économie sociale

This comprehensive monthly watch includes recent references on social economy research as well as current information from the research community (new research centres and projects, events, calls for contributions).

Available in French, English and Spanish

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  • Observgo

Observgo is a bimonthly electronic watch service that collects information and redistributes it in the form of references. Observgo informs you about the latest references and news in the public enterprises field.

Available in French.

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(Updated: 13.12.2022)

Director General, Caisse d’Economie solidaire Desjardins, Quebec


  • International Affairs:
    Marie J. BOUCHARD
    Professor, Department of Organization and Human Resources (School of Management Sciences), University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM)
  • Enterprises Affairs:
    Jean-Maxime NADEAU
    Director, Cooperatives and other Social Economy Enterprises, Investissement Québec
  • University Affairs:
    Full Professor, École supérieure d’affaires publiques et internationales – ESAPI, University of Ottawa

Chantal MALO
Strategic Advisor, MCE Conseils

Martine VÉZINA
Professor, Department of Management Education, HEC Montreal

Professor, Department of Organization and Human Resources (School of Management Sciences), University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM)
Director and editor of the review Économie et Solidarités of CIRIEC-Canada

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