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As part of the CIRIEC International, CIRIEC-France aims to promote the reflection and the actions in order to develop initiatives on Public, Social and Cooperative Economy.
Its works – mostly scientific – are carried out through two commissions: the first is dedicated to the Public Economy with a particular interest on public services under their different forms, while the second focuses on Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). Those commissions bring together researchers, academics and practitioners from the different concerned sectors.

CIRIEC-France is chaired by Alain ARNAUD, former President of the Mutualité Fonction Publique (MFP), who is also the President of CIRIEC International since October 2014. Jacques FOURNIER, Honorary State Counselor – former chair of Gaz de France (GDF) and of the SNCF – is the CIRIEC’s France Honorary President.


Key activities of CIRIEC-France include:

  • the publication of academic works and scientific researches of its contributors, published in book form. The last CIRIEC-France’s published works are :
    o  L’action publique dans la crise-2012,
    o  L’internalisation des missions publiques par les organisations publiques-2014,
    o  L’Etat stratège-2016 (forthcoming),
    o La transversalité de l’Economie Publique et de l’Economie Sociale-2016 (under preparation).
  • the organization of conferences, forums, symposiums and dinner-debates.
  • the conduct of research works within its two scientific commissions – linked to the Administration Board and the network of its members.
  • the information – through the publication of its monthly newsletter: les Brèves.

CIRIEC’s members are both legal entities (collective members) (public enterprises, mutual societies, cooperatives, ESS’ associations, social welfare groups, trade unions) and physical persons (individual members).


CIRIEC-France’s monthly newsletter is called Les Brèves. This newsletter contains information on the work of CIRIEC, offers various readings, an agenda of activities and articles from/about CIRIEC-France members and partners.

CIRIEC-France also regularly offers interviews with leading figures in the French public, social and cooperative economy: Idéaux & Débats – Les entretiens du Ciriec.

Available in French.

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(updated: August 2022)

Honorary Presidents:
Honorary State Counsellor
Former President, Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français (SNCF) (French National Railway Corporation)
Former President, Gaz de France (GDF)
Former General Secretary of the Government (deceased on August 14, 2021)

Former General Delegate, Institut de Coopération Sociale Internationale (ICOSI)

Former President of the Mutualité Fonction Publique (MFP)
Honorary Board Member of the Mutualité Française
Chairman of a specialised finance company

General Delegate:
Former Member of ESEC (Economic, Social and Environmental Council – French Constitutional Assembly); former President of the CNCRESS 


  • Philippe BANCE
    Professor at the University of Martinique
  • Jérôme SADDIER
    Chairman of Crédit Coopératif
    Chairman of ESS-France
  • Bertrand SOUQUET
    President of the Institute Montparnasse

Former Member of ESEC (Economic, Social and Environmental Council – French Constitutional Assembly)

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