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CIRIEC-Costa Rica is a scientific association based at the UNED (Distance State University) in the Costa Rican capital, San José. Founded in August 2019 at the initiative of the UNED, with the support of, among others, the post-graduate training center CENECOOP, the public organization INFOCOOP (National Institute for Cooperative Development) and the Caribbean, Central and Latin American Confederation of Savings and Credit Cooperatives (CCC-CA), CIRIEC-Costa Rica officially becomes a National Section of CIRIEC in October 2020.
Its main objectives are to promote and carry out social, environmental and economic research on behalf of for-profit and non-profit organizations. The research areas include both the public and the social and cooperative economy.
With the support of the UNED – a true institutional academic reference –, CIRIEC-Costa Rica intends, on one hand, to provide its academic contribution to the SSE sector and, on the other hand, to strengthen institutional programs oriented toward guaranteeing inclusion, equity, and improving the conditions of well-being of people throughout the national territory.
To highlight the importance of the cooperative economy in Costa Rica (nearly 40% of the labor force and nearly 5% of GDP), one of the Section’s first initiatives would be to conduct a national census of cooperatives, with the objective of generating information that could be used to support public policy planning.

Scientific Journal:  Revista Nacional de Administración (RNA) 


ARIAS CAMACHO Rodrigo – UNED (Universidad Estatal a Distancia/Distance State University) Rector

Vice President:

Executive Director:
LI BONILLA Federico – ECA (Escuela de Ciencias de la Administración/Business Science School) Director

International Relations secretary:
COTO MOYA Luis Guillermo – Executive Director CCC-CA

INFOCOOP Representative secretary:
MEJÍA ÁVILA Johnny – Chairman of the Board of Directors, INFOCCOP

CONACOOP Representative secretary:

FUNDEPOS Representative secretary:

Logistic secretary:
HERNÁNDEZ CASTRO Gustavo – Economy academic and researcher, UNED

Social and Solidarity Economy secretary:
BRAVO ARIAS Patricia – Career Coordinator Associatives and Cooperatives, UNED

ODS (Objectives for Sustainable Development) secretary:
ESPINACH RUEDA Monserrat – Coordinator Bonding Unit, UNED

Project presentation: Cooperative entrepreneurial education in support of Costa Rican cooperatives, from the social spin-off model / Prof. Monserrat Espinach, Universidad Estatal a Distancia – UNED & Federico Li Bonilla, Executive Director of CIRIEC-Costa Rica, UNED (Costa Rica)

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Mr. Federico LI BONILLA
Executive Director
CIRIEC-Costa Rica
Mercedes de Montes de Oca
San José
Phone (+506)22343236 ext 6516
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