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In order to better use and share the wealth of the CIRIEC network experts in the fields of general interest and the social economy, this interactive and collaborative tool was designed as a multilingual knowledge platform.

The aim is to bring men and women working together on common themes, allowing them to communicate and move forward together around an interactive tool.

AGORA is composed of three parts:

  1. a directory where members notify their detailed profile (research, publications, areas of interest, current projects …)
  2. a literature (documentary) database,
  3. a part for providing information (conference announcements, events, publications …).

Today AGORA of the General Interest and the Social Economy is:

  • an access via
  • secure access for members
  • 4 demonstration videos
  • a directory of 160 researchers with their detailed CV (‘expert directory ‘)
  • 36 countries represented
  • the opportunity for members to post their publications
  • the opportunity to contact the researchers found in the tool
  • 21000 documents indexed and processed semantically
  • 7000 processed sources external from crawling:
    • 10 relevant websites in Public, Social and Cooperative Economy that followed the pilot project
    • 20 RSS feed automatically indexed every week
  • the possibility of cross-document searches (by multilingual keywords and tree)
  • import and processing of external electronic archives will be kept in Agora (eg agreement with CELSIG)
  • the announcement of publications, conferences
  • a bimonthly newsletter sent to the members.

Contact for any question or login problem: