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CIRIEC-Venezuela is the Center for Interdisciplinary Research, Education and Documentation of Cooperative, Social and Public Economies (Centro Interdisciplinario de Investigación, Formación y Documentación de la Economía Cooperativa, Social y Pública). CIRIEC-Venezuela is a non-profit Civil Association with over 15 years, established at the Centro de Investigaciones para el Desarrollo Integral Sustentable (CIDIS), at the Núcleo Universitario Rafael Rangel (NURR), of the Universidad de Los Andes (ULA), located in the Carmona area in the city of Trujillo, Venezuela.

Members of CIRIEC-Venezuela are mostly professors and/or researchers at universities in which “Cooperative, Social or Public Economy” is taught. However, as contemplated in its statutes, CIRIEC-Venezuela’s doors are always open to social economy organizations (SEOs) and individual social economy actors.

CIRIEC-Venezuela was born in 1999 from the “Universitarios y Cooperativistas: Juntos para un solo país” conference that took place at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in Caracas. Ever since that founding event, one of CIRIEC-Venezuela’s main activities is the annual “Simposios Nacionales de Economía Social”, often accompanied by “Regional Simposia” and/or “Conferences” on specific or territorial topics, always related to Cooperative, Social and Public Economy. Lately, the need of broadening the scope of Solidarity Economy is being considered, to further include non-profit and charity organizations. All these events, both national and regional, are meant to stay updated on the state of the art in Venezuela, allowing different researchers and social actors to gather and discuss periodically.


For 15 years CIRIEC-Venezuela has been editing CAYAPA, Revista Venezolana de Economía Social, an interdisciplinary, international and plural journal featuring works from diverse scientific disciplines on social economy organizations and public policies for its promotion and regulation, both in Venezuela and other countries. It is open to all streams of thought as long as it proves to be rigorous, original and pertinent. All submissions are sent to specialists on relating topics for blind evaluation.

CAYAPA is a “Class A” credited journal, as rated on its merits by FONACIT of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the CDCHTA of the Universidad de Los Andes. All issues can be reviewed and freely downloaded from our site: .

It is the only scientific publication in Venezuela specifically devoted to cooperatives, producer and consumer associations, savings banks and community based experiences, as well as promotion, regulation and consolidations of public policies.

CIRIEC-Venezuela also establishes strategic alliances with universities and social and/or public economy organizations, in order to organize joined activities and discuss common topics of interest, such as certifications, territorial research and support for editing and distribution of CAYAPA.


Scientific review: Cayapa, Revista Venezolana de Economía Social


Economist, Professor, Universidad de Oriente (UDO)

Benito DIAZ
Sociologist, Professor, Universidad de Los Andes (ULA)

Fernando APONTE

Research Director: 
Dorkis SHEPHARD, Universidad Nacional Experimental Simón Rodríguez (UNESR)

Scientific Commission – Public Economy: Benito Díaz (Principal), Ángel Higuerey and Leonardo Argüello

Scientific Commission – Social Economy: Mario Fagiolo (Principal), Ernesto Guevara and Ramón Lameda

Documentation and Information: Dorkis Shephard (Principal), Benito Díaz and Emilio Tariffi

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Avenida Isaías Medina Angarita
Trujillo, Estado Trujillo, Código Postal 3150
Phone (+58) 416-672-0027
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