Providing public goods and commons. Towards coproduction and new forms of governance for a revival of public action / Philippe Bance (dir.) – 2018



Published in the new series: CIRIEC STUDIES SERIES – 1

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ISBN 978-2-9600129-5-8 (epdf) –  March 2018 – 318 pages
EAN 9782960012958



This book is the fruit of a research project: The hybrid public-economy / social-economy organisations and the issues of the development of commons and global public goods: A possible complementarity serving public policies heralding a paradigm shift? led by Philippe BANCE, President of CIRIEC International Scientific Council

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Introduction / Philippe Bance

Chapter 1: The contribution of the non-profit sector in narrowing spatial inequalities: Four cases of inter-institutional cooperation in Italy / Andrea Salustri & Federica Viganò

Chapter 2: The Work Integration Social Enterprises as “Learning Organizations”: In the quest for a new local governance in order to build another model of local sustainable development? / Pascal Glémain

Chapter 3: From public ownership back to commons. Lessons learnt from the Romanian experience in the forest sector / Ancuța Vameșu, Cristina Barna & Irina Opincaru

Chapter 4: Redefining the borders between public, social economy and for-profit organizations in the provision of public services: The case of Japan / Shinichi Saito, Munenori Nomura, Fumitoshi Mizutani & Francis Rawlinson

Chapter 5Financial stability as a global public good and relevant systemic regulation as a problem of collective action / Faruk Ülgen

Chapter 6: Understanding financialization and its impacts on Social Economy / Manuel Belo Moreira

Chapter 7: Finance as a “commons” understood as ideal-type for emancipation / Bernard Paranque

Chapter 8: The development in France of partnerships between public and social economy organizations and the new paradigm of public action /  Philippe Bance, Jean-Philippe Milesy & Christelle Zagbayou

Chapter 9: Cooperation strategies between public and social economy organisations: How to cooperate without losing your “soul” / Monique Combes-Joret, Laëtitia Lethielleux & Anne Reimat

Chapter 10: Co-construction of the general interest and social innovations forms in Kabylia: A partnership interaction approach based on three case studies / Malika Ahmed Zaïd

Chapter 11: The institutional organization of health in Colombia and its disconnection with the common good and mutuality / Juan Fernando Álvarez, Miguel Gordo Granados & Hernando Zabala Salazar

Chapter 12: Multi-stakeholder governance of the commons, a pragmatic approach / Alexandrine Lapoutte

Chapter 13: New hybrid organizations in the social and solidarity economy in France: A new cooperative governance? / Jean-Claude Boual & Cathy Zadra-Veil

Chapter 14: Conditions of convergence between public economy and social economy organisations. From the diversity of models to a successful hybridisation through new governance / Pierre Bauby

Conclusion: Public – Social and Solidarity Economy Partnerships (PSSEPs) and collective action paradigm / Philippe Bance