General administration bodies

General administration bodies consist of several bodies:

  • The Praesidium.
  • The Board of Directors is composed by 1-2 delegates from each national section.
  • The International Board is a body of exchange, advice and debate. It participates in the definition of the orientations concerning the research topics, the publications, the research conferences and international congresses of CIRIEC. It is composed by delegates from National Sections, Affiliated members and Observers.
  • The biennial General Assembly. It meets every two years, on the occasion of the international Congresses of CIRIEC.
  • The International Secretariat provides the daily management of CIRIEC activities and attends to the good functioning of all bodies.


Praesidium 2022-2024:

Honorary Presidents:
Alain ARNAUD, President of CIRIEC-France; former President of the Mutualité Fonction Publique (MFP); Honorary Board Member of the Mutualité Française
Léopold BEAULIEU, Honorary President of CIRIEC-Canada; Founder and former President and CEO of FondAction, Development Fund for Cooperation and Employment of the Confederation of National Trade Unions (CNTU)
José Luis MONZÓN CAMPOS, Executive Director of CIRIEC-Spain; Professor, University of Valencia; Vice-President of CIRIEC in charge of relations with Latin America

Bernard THIRY, Former CEO of Ethias; Chairman of SOCOFE; Director of public and social economy enterprises, Belgium

Erich HAIDER, Chief Executive Director, Linz AG; Vice-President of CIRIEC-Austria
Adoración MOZAS MORAL, President of CIRIEC-Spain; Professor, University of Jaén
José Pablo PUZINO, President of IAIES – CIRIEC-Argentina; Labor and Mechanical Engineer
Kazuhiko TABATA, Vice-President and Director of CIRIEC-Japan; Professor Hyogo University

Director:  Barbara SAK, General Secretary of CIRIEC-Belgium

Treasurer:  Josly PIETTE, former Federal Minister of Employment; former President, Management Board of the National Social Security Office (ONSS), Belgium

Auditors:  Yves KOTTELAT, Treasurer of CIRIEC-France ; José Alberto PITACAS, Vice-President of CIRIEC-Portugal; former Director of the Studies Office of the General Mutualist Association of Montepio