Evolution and transformation of Social Economy Organizations: Degeneration, Resilience, Regeneration 2017-2020

Social Economy Under Influence: Isomorphism or Innovation?
Trajectories of Social Economy and Cooperative Enterprises: Resilience, degeneration and regeneration
Presentation of this theme during several events:

1 – A conference on the theme was organized by CIRIEC-Canada (jointly with CRISES and TIESS) at the 85th ACFAS Congress, at McGill University (Montreal, May 8-9, 2017): Trajectories of social innovations. Between innovation and isomorphisms?

2 – A seminar of presentation took place on 4th July 2018 in Wageningen (NL) “Transformation of Social Economy Enterprises (SSEs): Innovation or Isomorphism Processes”:

  • Vallet, E. Van Wymeersch & M. Bylemans, The Involvement of Flemish SEEs-Organizations in Urban Multi-actor Networks: Strategic Management Transformations towards Innovation …or Alienation and Degeneration ?
  • H. Ruys, Governance of Evolving Social Enterprises and Economic Growth. Part 1. The Organic Agent
  • Bretos, A. Errasti & C. Marcuello, Is There Life After Degeneration? ‘The Life cycle of Cooperatives Under a ‘Grow-or-Die’ Dichotomy
  • -A. Kurimoto, Evolution of SE Enterprises: Case of Labor Banks in Promoting Social Finance
  • A. Zbuchea, Transformation of Social Enterprises under the Influence of the EU Policies

3 – Finally this topic was also selected for the XVII Conference of researchers in social economy organized by the CIRIEC Spain in Toledo on October 4 and 5, 2018 “The social economy: transformations, trends and future challenges.”

Résultats de la rechercheSocial Economy under Influence: Isomorphism or Innovation? / edited by Bretos Ignacio, Marie J. Bouchard & Alberto Zevi, Special issue in Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, 2020, 91, 3