State-owned enterprises in the 21st century 2017-2020

Handbook of Economics and Management of Public Enterprises

A new theoretical reference handbook on public enterprises is published by Routledge.

The Routledge Handbook of State-Owned Enterprises / By Luc Bernier, Massimo Florio, Philippe Bance, ed. ROUTLEDGE, 2020

The call for contributions of this ambitious editorial project attracted authors from all over the world.
A peer review mechanism was at work to evaluate the proposals received.
The editorial board, composed of three CIRIEC members (Luc Bernier from the Ottawa University – Canada, Massimo Florio from the University of Milan – Italy and Philippe Bance from the University of Rouen – France) were in charge of the selection of the best chapter-proposals that cover the following main topics of the table of contents:

  1. The scope of the phenomenon
  2.  Perspectives on history and geography
  3. Approaches to the study of SOEs
  4. Financial dimensions of public ownership
  5. Issues about governance
  6. The activities and performance of SOEs
  7. SOEs and innovation

Nearly 30 chapter-proposals were retained for the final publication, which gather well renowned-names of the field as well as new emerging and promising authors.

Call for papers

State-owned enterprises in the 21st century: a new handbook

Call for papers

This handbook is based on a collection of thematic papers that was discussed with the (co-)authors during three events in the first semester of 2017:

Scientific Committee

  • Philippe Bance (University of Rouen, France)
  • Luc Bernier (University of Ottawa, Jarislowsky Chair in Public Sector Management, Canada)
  • Massimo Florio (University of Milano, Italy), responsible for the European Jean Monnet – EUsers’ network

contact person for the scientific Committee: