SuPER – Survey of Public Enterprise Return

SuPER is a participatory survey designed by the DEMM research team of the University of Milan to collect the events that in the new millennium have brought to an increase in the number of public enterprises worldwide.

In order to pursue the scientific work conducted by some fifty international experts in 2012-13, work which is now undergoing publication, this SuPER initiative – which CIRIEC supports completely – aims to examine and analyse the evolution of public enterprises via an online survey.

The success of this survey largely depends on the active collaboration of international researchers and experts willing to share their knowledge about new public enterprises. Data and information about events that gave rise to
new public enterprise can be provided simply by filling an on-line questionnaire composed by 20 multiple-choice or open questions. To promote active and voluntarily participation, people who have contributed to the survey by filling the on-line questionnaire will be allowed to access the data and information collected with SuPER. To learn more about SuPER read here.