XIX Milan European Economy Workshop, “State-Owned Enterprises and Innovation in Public Services in a Post-Pandemic World”, 30 June 2021

XIX Milan European Economy Workshop
State-Owned Enterprises and Innovation in Public Services in a Post-Pandemic World
June 30, 2021
(14.00-18.00 CET – fully virtual event)

The Routledge Handbook of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) was published in June 2020, in a world affected by a pandemic that is still with us. Governments had to plan emergency programs on a scale never seen since World War II or the Great Depression.

To reflect and discuss Innovation in public services and the role of Stated Owned Enterprises (and similar public organizations), a event is co- organised by the University of Milan and Ciriec. The workshop is intended for a discussion among authors of the Handbook and selected guests, in order to share ideas for a post-pandemic global scenario for SOEs.

Looking at the Handbook is there anything that you would update in a specific chapter after the current crisis? Are there lessons to be learned about the role of SOEs? What key messages are to be addressed to public authorities about the importance and role of SOEs? More in general, what should be the next advancements needed in your research area related to the future of SOEs?

The MEEW will take place in the form of a round table of invited experts. The participation is by invitation only.

Keynote Speakers:
Judith Clifton, University of Cantabria, Editor-in-Chief Journal of Economic Policy Reform.
Bernard Thiry, CIRIEC International, University of Liège, Director Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics.

Scientific Committee:
Philippe Bance, University of French Antilles
Luc Bernier, University of Ottawa
Paolo Castelnovo, University of Milan
Stefano Clò, University of Florence
Chiara Del Bo, University of Milan
Carlo Fiorio, University of Milan
Massimo Florio, University of Milan (Chair)
Marco Marini, Editor Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics
Valentina Morretta, University of Milan
Barbara Sak, CIRIEC International
Maddalena Sorrentino, University of Milan
Daniela Vandone, University of Milan


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Date 30 June 2021 @ 14 h 00 min - 18 h 00 min
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