34th CIRIEC International Congress, San Jose (Costa Rica), 16-18 October 2024

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34th CIRIEC International Congress
San Jose (Costa Rica)
16-18 October 2024

Theme: “What strategies for a territorial and human development? “

Sub-themes: (subject to change)

  1. Territorial development in urban and rural areas  (sustainable development, ecosystems, innovations to reduce social inequalities)
  2. Human development in relation to health, education and rights  (collaborative economy, spin-offs, quality of life, etc.)
  3. The SDGs and the environmental emergency: concrete initiatives and impact measurement  (food security, water, climate, marine life, etc.)
  4. Public policies for territorial development  (democratization, public health, the human right to water, indicators/measures, resilient infrastructures)
  5. Public policies and social and solidarity economy  (SSE and democratization, fight against inequalities, bottom-up initiatives, indicators and measurements, participatory democracy)
  6. Public initiative and action for sustainable development  (corporate social responsibility, bioeconomy, orange economy and creativity, culture and art)
  7. Scientific and technological innovation  (energy, natural resources, environmental technology applications)
  8. Infrastructure & utility networks  (sustainable cities, cooperative participation to generate sustainable public and infrastructure networks, improving basic services)
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  • PROGRAM: available soon

Conference details

Date 16 October 2024 - 18 October 2024
Venue San José
San José, Costa Rica

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