One of CIRIEC’s main activities is to organize events, congresses, conferences and seminars for those interested in issues and stakes related to public, social and cooperative economy.

Through this activity, CIRIEC achieves its objectives of promoting information and disseminating its works. In its fields of interests, CIRIEC aims at being a locus for discussion an exchange, and the events CIRIEC is organizing allow to present research results or recent publications.

Participants to these events come from the academic and research world or are involved in public agencies, enterprises and organizations related to public, social and cooperative economy. They can also be representatives of institutions which, from a scientific or cultural aspect, have an interest for those economic-related activities.

For such persons, CIRIEC organizes or co-organizes every two-years:

•  its biennial international congresses (even years) which bring together some 500 participants, economic, social and political responsibles and researchers world-wide;

•  an international research conference on the social economy (odd years) mainly for researchers.

In addition to those events, seminars and symposiums on more specific themes related to public, social and cooperative economy are organized, providing platforms for discussion and exchange, and enabling researchers, experts and practitioners to meet.