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CIRIEC International Calendar 2022

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2022 Date Object Place
International Scientific Commission « Social and Cooperative Economy » 12 June 2022 / 9h-12h Valencia, Spain
Praesidium 12 June 2022 / 13h-15h Valencia, Spain
International Scientific Council (ISC) 12 June 2022 / 15h-18h Valencia, Spain
33rd CIRIEC International Congress Mo.13 – Wed. 15 June 2022 “New global dynamics in the post-Covid era:
challenges for the public, social and cooperative economy”
Valencia, Spain
Advisory Board of the APCE 14 June 2022 / 13h-14h30 Valencia, Spain
Extraordinary General Assembly 14 June 2022 / 15h-15h45 Modifications of the CIRIEC’s Statutes Valencia, Spain
General Assembly 14 June 2022 / 16h-18h Approval of the different activity reports and discharge, Treasurer’s and Auditors’ report and discharge, statutory elections, action plan 2022-24,… Valencia, Spain
Board of Directors of CIRIEC 14 June 2022 / 18h-18h15 Valencia, Spain
Board of Directors of the Edgard Milhaud Foundation 20 June 2022 / 14h-16h Noting of the head office move, approval of the 2021 accounts,… Virtual Meeting
Board of Directors and/or International Board 4 November 2022 Vienna, Austria & virtual meeting
2023 Date Object Place
9th CIRIEC International Research on Social Economy 4-7 July 2023 “Building forward better: Social and solidarity economy for a peaceful and fair world” Seoul, South Korea