CIRIEC 1947-2022: 75 years of reflection and action in favour of general interest and economic democracy / Ludo Bettens – 2022

CIRIEC 1947-2022 :
75 years of reflection and action in favour of general interest and economic democracy

(IHOES – Institut d’histoire ouvrière, économique et sociale)


ISBN 978-2-931051-61-0 (epdf)
EAN 9782931051610

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In 2022, CIRIEC (International Centre of Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy) celebrates
its 75th anniversary. This is an opportunity for this international non-governmental scientific organization, founded in 1947 by Professor Edgard Milhaud, to take stock of its positioning with regard to the values that inspired its creation.






Chapter I: A few landmarks in the first four decades of the International Centre (1947-1988)

  1. The context of CIRIEC’s inception: Edgard Milhaud’s dream
  2. Consolidation of an international network
  3. First achievements
  4. Relocation years: putting down roots in Liège with Paul Lambert
  5. Golden Sixties : les années fastes
  6. Crisis years and Guy Quaden’s travails
  7. Scientific reinforcement of CIRIEC

Chapter II: Multiplication of scientific activities (1988-1996)

  1. Overall economic context
  2. A growing network
  3. Turning point in the 1990s: new operating mode and new challenges
  4. A multiplicity of scientific activities

Chapter III: Increased Globalisation (1997-2004)

  1. Overall Economic Contex
  2. Internationalisation of CIRIEC’s Network
  3. Evolution of the operating mode
  4. Scientific Activity

Chapter IV: Strategic Action Plan: the visibility challenge (2004-2015)

  1. Economic context
  2. The Strategic Planning Operation
  3. Strengthening the CIRIEC network
  4. Changes in the way CIRIEC operates and new challenges
  5. Scientific activity: pursuing the fundamentals and developing new initiatives

Chapter V: CIRIEC’s International Expansion (2016-January 2022)

  1. General economic context: when a human and health crisis supersedes the economy
  2. Geographic expansion of the CIRIEC network
  3. Changes in operating mode
  4. Scientific Activity


Annex: List of CIRIEC Presidents and Directors (1947-2022)