Laboratorul de Solidaritate (Romania)

Laboratorul de Solidaritate
Șos Stefan cel Mare 240 Bloc 59A, scara 5, et. 9, apt 156
RO-20165 Bucharest
Phone: +40 745131354

President : Ancuţa VAMESU (Email:
Scientific Coordinator :


Laboratorul de Solidaritate is a non-profit association, established in Romania in 2013 grouping researchers and experts in social economy, social enterprises and cooperatives.  It conducts various activities of applied research, consulting & training, project management, stakeholder engagement and consultation, and network development & facilitation for social enterprises & coops, work integration social enterprises, credit unions, cooperatives, commons, agriculture & forestry coops, local development & rural development participatory planning and strategy development.

Since 2018 Laboratorul de Solidaritate is member for Romania of the International Centre of Research and Information on the Public, Social and Cooperative Economy (CIRIEC International).

Activity report (posted online on 08.12.2020)