Mario Radrigán Rubio
Centro Internacional de Economía Social y Cooperativa

Mario Radrigán R. (1961): Social anthropologist, University of Chile, Magister in Direction of Human Resources, University of Santiago of Chile. Doctor in Economy Applied of the University of Valencia, Spain. Assistant professor of the Department of Anthropology of the University of Chile. Beating Strategies Project director of the Poverty, Participation and Local Development. Foundation Ford- Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Chile (1992-95); Academic Director of the Program of Interdisciplinary of Associative Studies (1998-2005).

Asociate professor in the Management and Economy Faculty of University of Santiago de Chile, and Director the International Center of Cooperatives and Social Economy, CIESCOOP.

It has worked as a Secretary General of the Corporation of Education and Health of the city Hall of La Florida (1997-2000); as the Leader of the Project of Labor Reintegration of SENCE financed by the BID-FOMIN (1995-1997) and like Sub-Coordinating of the program ChileCalifica in his phase of design, financed by the World Bank. He has been an evaluator of the programs of micro-business of SERCOTEC, in the framework of the Governmental Projects Evaluation Program (year 2000)

Author and co-author of the books "The Chilean Cooperative Sector. Preceding, reality and perspectives (1998) and "Cultural Dilemmas in the Cooperative Business (1995). Director of the Project "Strengthening of the Program of Cooperatives of the University of Chile", in covenant with the IRECUS of the University of Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada, promoted by the ACDI and the AUCC. It has coordinated the ALPA project financed by the European Commission "Strengthening of a University Network Eurolatinoamericana of Cooperative and Associative Studies". Consultant PNUD-BID, in Public Management Modernization project Oriental Republic of the Uruguay; Consultant of the Pan-american Institute of Agricultural Cooperation, IICA; and Executive Director of the Governmental Programs Evaluation Program of the Treasury Department of the Government of Chile (1997-98)