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CIRIEC-Turkey is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 as an active member of CIRIEC International and has its head office at Istanbul Gelişim University.

CIRIEC-Turkey aims to raise awareness in Turkey’s third-sector which has started to gain momentum over the past fifteen years. CIRIEC-Turkey promotes and encourages scientific research, reports and activities in the fields of public, social and cooperative Economy. The main focus of the research and activities of CIRIEC-Turkey is to highlight the needs and dynamics of the third-sector, exchanging ideas with sector representatives, researchers and practitioners.

Activities of CIRIEC-Turkey intend to bring academics, practitioners and policy makers together in order to  contribute to a sustainable, just, and efficient economy at both national and international levels. CIRIEC-Turkey intends to organize events to engage the international community to learn about and collaborate with the third sector in Turkey.

Ciriec-Turkey is active on various areas:

  • Emphasizing the importance of the third sector in the economy,
  • Stimulating the cooperation between the public, private and civil sectors,
  • Encouraging the relation between academics and cooperative, associations, public companies on public, social and cooperative economy,
  • Conducting academic researches on public, social and cooperative economy,
  • Strengthening the international collaborations around the third sector.



Burhan AYKAÇ
Professor and Rector, İstanbul Gelişim University

Professor and Vice-Rector, İstanbul Gelişim University

Professor and Dean, İstanbul Gelişim University

Effective Delegates:
Semra BOĞA
Assistant Professor, İstanbul Gelişim University

Aysun KAYA
Assistant Professor, İstanbul Gelişim University


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İstanbul Gelişim University
Cihangir Mahallesi
Şehit Jandarma Komando Er Hakan Öner Sok. No: 1
34315 Avcılar/İstanbul
Phone (+90 212) 422 70 00
Fax (+90 212) 422 74 01 Ext. 312
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