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The Corporación CIRIEC-Colombia is a non-profit association member of the International Centre of Research and Information on Public, Social and Cooperative Economy created in 1947 as a non-governmental organization and based in Liège (Belgium).

CIRIEC-Colombia aims to build and develop a social economy sector, promoting the general interest based on a set of principles like democracy, participation, equity and equality as well as human centered and aiming at the preservation of sustainable collective resources.


a) Scientific researches: production and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of Public, Social and Cooperative Economy, participation in international research groups set up by CIRIEC International.

b) Technical and Institutional Support Projects: contribution to sustainable development of communities and regions, as well as of Public, Social and Cooperative organizations.


c) Contact and institutional exchanges: developped with several research groups and networks, both at the national and international levels in order to promote or carry out common projects.

d) Scientific events: organization of discussion groups and regular meetings, as well as seminars and national and regional conferences to promote debates and analyses according to the Corporación’s own objectives.

e) Publications: participation in the journal Revista Cooperativismo y Desarrollo and contribution in the CIRIEC International scientific publications, publication of researches, conferences and other Scientific works.

Informe de actividades

Scientific review: Cuadernos de Desarollo Rural


CIRIEC-Colombia offers the newsletter E-Entrevistas in which it shares interviews with leaders in the public, social and cooperative economy sector.

Available in Spanish.

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Legal Representation:

Hernando ZABALA SALAZAR (President), Professor, Universidad Luis Amigó de Medellín (

Executive Board:

Hernando ZABALA SALAZAR (President), Professor, Universidad Luis Amigó de Medellín (

Marietta BUCHELI GOMEZ, Associate Professor, Facultad de Estudios Ambientales y Rurales, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá (

Juan Fernando ÁLVAREZ, Professor, Universidad Católica de Colombia and Coordinator of Research, Centro de Investigación y Educación Cooperativas, Bogotá

Ana Milena SILVA, Professor, Universidad ICESI, Cali (

Crescencio ORREGO, Professor (

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Centro de Investigación Documentación e Información de la Economía pública, social y solidaria de Colombia
Street 30C No. 1-08 Interior 5 - Apto. 302
C.P. 110311 Bogotá
Phone (+57-317) 4559761 - (+57-311) 2521750
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