Major public enterprises: country analysis and policy trends 2014-2017

Major Public Enterprises (MPE) 2014-2017

An ambitious academic research project by:

The EUsers Jean Monnet network
CIRIEC International Scientific Commission “Public Services/Public Enterprises”

What has been done so far …

Objective of MPE: Collection of papers on country analysis of the role and performance of major public enterprises, all over the world


1) Call for papers

2) Submission of abstract (500 words)

3) Peer review process: examination by the Steering Committee (see infra)

4) Complete country analysis on MPEs (15.000 words)

Content of the country study:

  • Overview of past trends
  • Identification of the major players
  • Governance
  • Public mission
  • Public discourse
  • Evaluation and forecast
  • Statistical Annex

5) Workshop to discuss first drafts (June 2015)


Achieved results:

  • Publications
    • CIRIEC WP 2015 on MPE:
      • 2015/09 Major Public Enterprises in Croatia / Anto BAJO & Marko PRIMORAC
      • 2015/10 Major Public Enterprises in Germany / Christina SCHAEFER & Stephanie WARM
      • 2015/17 Major Public Enterprises in Turkey: 2005-2013 / S. Burcu AVCI
      • 2015/18 Is the OECD Model Suitable for Strategic Public Enterprises in Terms of National Development?  Reflections from CODELCO Case, Chile /  Francisco CATAÑEDA, Diego BARRÍA & Germán ASTORGA
      • 2015/19 Italian State-Owned Enterprises After Decades of Reforms: Still Public? / Stefano CLÒ S., Marco DI GIULIO, Maria Tullia GALANTI & Maddalena SORRENTINO
      • 2015/20 The Organisation of Services of General Interest in Finland / Johan WILLNER & Sonja GRÖNBLOM
    •  Special issue 2016 of Economia Pubblica on “Rationales, performance and governance of public enterprises”

What is coming next …

Follow-up 2016 

  • Second workshop foreseen in 2016
  • Opportunity of publications:
  • Possibly another special issue in an international journal
  • An edited book with an international publisher

 The jury 

Steering Committee of the research: