XX Milan European Economy Workshop, « Public entrepreneurship, knowledge creation, and social justice », 23-24 June 2022 (Milan)

XX Milan European Economy Workshop
Public entrepreneurship, knowledge creation, and social justice
June 23-24, 2022

Hybrid format conference

(some invited speakers in presence, other participants Zoom)
Venue: DEMM-University of Milan, Via Conservatorio 7


The world is rediscovering the role of government to face the great challenges of our time: social inequality, public health, climate change, data governance. However government is often not ready to meet its new tasks. For decades management capacities and human capital in the public sector have been downgraded by excessive reliance on market solutions. It seems now apparent that we need a rejuvenated government – not just a regulator – but an actual public entrepreneur, enabling new knowledge creation and triggering innovation. This will allow to find new ways to deal with, for example, the energy transition, affordable public health, big data. The workshop will explore new models of government intervention, particularly through knowledge-based organizations providing innovative public services.

Please confirm participation by e-mail to meew@unimi.it, and state if you want to present a paper or just join the conversation.
If you wish to present a paper please send a title and an abstract to meew@unimi.it not later than 20th March.

Conference details

Date 23 juin 2022 - 24 juin 2022
Programme Télécharger
Venue Milan
Milan, Italie

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