Simel Esim is a political economist, with more than 30 years of experience in social and economic development. Since 2012, she heads the Cooperatives Unit of the ILO that is responsible for the cooperatives and wider social and solidarity economy portfolio of the organization. Between 2004 and 2012 she was at the ILO’s Regional Office for Arab States as Senior Specialist. She has policy advocacy, research, capacity building and program management skills. In addition to her work on cooperative and social and solidarity economy development, he has worked on transition from the informal to the formal economy, forced displacement and women’s economic empowerment issues. In addition to her management and leadership skills, Dr Esim has been involved in leading policy advocacy, research, capacity building initiatives. She has been involved in development cooperation projects across the project cycle from design, and implementation to evaluation. Dr Esim holds an MA in International Economics and Middle East Studies and a Ph.D. in economics with a focus on development and gender economics. She speaks Turkish and English, with working knowledge of Italian and Arabic. She has intermediate knowledge of French.

LinkedIn: Simel Esim
Twitter: @coopsemploy ; @simcim
More extended bio: Simel Esim, Chief of ILO COOP from 2012 to present