Gordon HAHN


Gordon Hahn is CEO SERUS, which is a company working with impact measurement and social economy development in Sweden. He is also since 2013 Chairman of Coompanion, which is a cooperative federation consisting in 25 places all over Sweden to support cooperative development and start-up in Social Economy (120 employees and 1500 members). Gordon also is a board member of KFO, Swedens largest employer organisation for social economy organisations. Gordon was a member of GECES (European Commission Expert Group For Social Economy) between 2014 - 2017.

This is how you measure social sustainable impact, (296 pp) Studentlitteratur 2016
Better Future Social Economy, (156 pp) ESF Poland 2012
Social Return On Investment - Introduction and application, (264 pp) Serus 2011
Social innovation in the social economy, (30 pp) KFO 2011
By owns means - Empowerment, (56 pp) SOUL 2011
Regional Social Responsibility, (188 pp) L&SEK 2006