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Who we are

We are a team of professors and researchers working on issues related to public economy and social economy. We currently operate in 3 institutions: Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas (PUC Campinas), State University of Campinas (Unicamp) and National School of Public Administration (ENAP). We participate in several events organized by the CIRIEC International, which we are a national section of.

What we do?

Our research, study and training center on public and social economy is active on various themes:

– Territorial Development Studies;
– productive environmental sustainability;
– Family farming; 
– Riverside communities;
– Cooperative;
– Associations;
– Public companies;
– Public policy;
– Organization of rural workers;
– Taxation of agricultural production with emphasis on family farming;
– Family Agribusiness;
– Logistics Strategies for family farmers;
– Development of products and markets for Solidarity Economy;
– Work relationships;
– Management of solidarity and social ecanomy enterprises;
– Agroecologia and organic farming;
– Self-management of workers in solidarity economic enterprises;
– Sales and marketing for products of social economy enterprises; and
– economic development strategies and territorial policy.



Direction CIRIEC Brazil (founding members)

Almir Mendes da Silva – ENAP Recife
Daniel Francisco Nagao Menezes – Mackenzie Campinas
Dimas Alcides Gonçalves – PUC Campinas  
Jeferson de Oliveira Souza – Socionalise Campinas
Miguel Juan Bacic – Unicamp Campinas
Juliano Vieira Gonçalves – Campinas
Leandro Pereira Morais – UNESP Araraquara
Mario Sergio Trainotti – Campinas
Pedro de Miranda Costa – PUC Campinas

Section details

Rua Olimpyo Pattaro 152
CEP 13085-045
Phone +55 (19) 98112 2255
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